Keyboards, Voice &
Fearless Leader

Roger 'Chubby' Henson

Roger Henson  aka “Chubby Rogers” -  Was forced to take piano lessons at the age of 8 years old. After three painful years he convinced his parents to buy him a snare drum and began drum lessons.  He played the drums for about 15 years in a number of different garage and school bands. In college he heard a guy playing the piano in one of the practice rooms in the music department, which led him to the music rooms every afternoon. He started to mess around with the piano each day until some of the basics came back.  He then began a twenty year journey of teaching himself to play the piano.

When Rog moved to San Jose in 1981 to take a position at KEZR Radio, he talked his sales manager into letting him trade for a Keyboard and amp at Guitar Showcase in San Jose, and the rest is History!

Rog began hosting Jam sessions at his house with Grateful don, Fenny and others, which eventually became the impetus of Chubby’s All Stars.  No ever believed it would lead to anything serious, but it did.

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