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Jeff Conner 'loco wilson'

The story of Jeff is similar to that of many drummers. He started playing trumpet in the 5th grade but was never any good at it. Then he tried to play piano in 7th grade but wasn't any good at it. Then he flailed at the guitar for a while. Unable to play an instrument that requred the identificaion of real notes, he turned his frustrations to the drums at age 14. He finally got somehting right. Quite so, it seems. Too bad he didn't start out with a set of tubs.

Jeff has pretty muched wandered all around the Bay Area since growing up in San Jose. He has played in some fine bands that never made it: Tenuda Joyride, Dresden and Wyrm. He even got to play with Alvin Youngblood Hart, before he hit it big. It wasn't until the friendship of daughters in '98 that he met Chubby. And it wasn't until a day they accidentally met at Happy Hollow Zoo that Jeff (a.k.a. ffej) and Chubby got to talking about music and eventually became an All Star.

Jeff is also a web developer (guess who made this site?) when he is not chasing his daughters around and trying to make life easier for his wife. Jeff and Chubby have a long standing appointment at the Circus, where they recently discovered another apt nickname for him - Loco Wilson.

You can also find out about the legendary ffej, his evil twin...

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